Powerful analysis for driving aha moments with your prospects.

Target Allocations

Dial in a prospect's longterm goals by building a custom portfolio

Demonstrate Expertise

Compare a prospect's portfolio to a recommended portfolio

Customize Data

Upload your capital market assumptions and target portfolios

Out of the Box

Incorporate institutional grade return and risk data

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Fee Comparison

Show how lower expenses can lead to greater long-term outcomes

Understand Expenses

Compare a prospect's current exepense ratios with your recommended fee schedule

Show Portfolio Savings

Visualize compounded savings over time and the impact on portfolio returns

Document Rollover Recommendations

Meet Reg BI and PTE 2020-02 requirements

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Top Drivers of Risk

Pinpoint concentration risk in a prospect's portfolio

Reveal Timebombs

Clearly demonstrate why a prospect's portfolio is inefficient


Enable a prospect with data to make beneficial decisions


Analyze both liquid and illiquid investments

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Implementation Plan

Create a step by step proposal that factors in tax

Clarify Details

Show specific portfolio changes and allocation recommendations

Private Assets

Use your preferred funds and managers

Assess Tax

Highlight tax impact of proposed changes

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Capital Market Assumptions

Leverage out of the box market data or upload your own

Expected Returns

Run projection analysis across 25+ asset classes

Expected Risk

Understand volatility of a prospect's existing portfolio


Make recommendations based on statistical characteristics

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